Big Data Potentials

The backdrop is intense industry competition. Huge customer churn. Plus ever-rising customer expectations. And intense cost and profit pressures. Those are the daily realities for business and IT executives in the communications industry, one of the most competitive sectors on the planet.

Yes, big data potentials can help the communication industry on all these fronts. So the question becomes how to make use of that big data, to operationalize it for competitive advantage and convert it to bottom-line value.

CA Technologies live and die on the front lines. So it is worth asking how big data investments can position these firms to connect with customers and compete – day in, day out. The key components:

  • The Right Big Data Strategy : clearly defined strategies start with understanding how big data can drive substantive performance gains
  • Taking a Holistic Ecosystem Approach : to ensure big data environments work effectively, they must align to business goals and serve unique user needs
  • People and Teams : big data success is driven by collaboration and business expertise, not just by tools and technologies

CA Technologies Can Provide Resources

 Cloud Architects
 DevOPS Admin
 Hadoop Architects
 PYTHON And R Developers

CA Technologies Can Provide Services

DM and ER modeling As a Service
Co-colated OLTP and OLAP data warehouse design and solution implementation
Dimentional Modeling for ETL engine
Hadoop based Data Lake Design

CA Technologies Expertise

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