From customer profiles to network performance, large amounts of structured, semi-structured and unstructured data is being generated which is a gold mine for any operator if used for the benefit of the business. The management and usability of this data for business improvement  is a big challenge for telecommunication operators though.

To improve profit or revenue and to optimise their costs to remain competitive in the market, telecom operators need services and resources to utilise their data effectively.

CA Technologies specialises in helping the telecommunication companies to leverage their data, by providing solutions based on machine learning and Big Data analytics. CA Technologies is actively working with organisations and providing solutions in:

  • Churn prediction
  • Targeted marketing ads through machine learning
  • Network Management/Optimisation
  • Operational Intelligence

Churn Prediction

Accurately predict the customer churn and alerting when a customer exhibits behaviour that suggests imminent defection is a critical requirement for telecoms. By looking at historical data that show patterns of customer behaviour, along with multiple factors, such as social media behaviour and usage patterns that suggest churn, CA Technologies can help to predict when a customer is at risk of deserting.

Targeted marketing ads through machine learning

CA Technologies uses machine learning to produce highly tailored and targeted ads for maximum ROI. Instead of using coarse-grained segmentation models i.e. advertised product to the entire customer, CA Technologies can help the operators to target customers based on their profile for high success rate.

CA Technologies can also utilise the same data to personalise the service experience for the end customers.

Network Management/Optimization

CA Technologies provide SPARK based solution which can optimise quality of service and routing by being able to analyse network traffic in real time. This enables the providers to respond to fluctuations in traffic and reallocate bandwidth as needed. CA Technologies SPARK solution can help to identify and resolve network bottlenecks, manage capacity to plan for infrastructure investments and maintain quality of service, and optimize the network for the most valuable customers.

Operational Intelligence

CA Technologies big data analytics solution can enable Telecoms in gaining a deeper understanding of switching, frequency utilization, and capacity utilisation for capacity planning and management. Analysing consumption of services and bandwidth in specific regions helps with planning locations for infrastructure investment and for better ROI. 

Our Modeling Approach

CA Technologies provides solutions for telecom industry by Spark distributed framework. After receiving the data, we analyze its features and pre-process it by applying features extraction and elimination techniques using Spark framework. We apply clustering, classification or regression technique according to the required solution on the training data and test the performance or accuracy of the built model using the testing data in spark environment.

CA Technologies uses two different modeling approach for churn prediction.

  1. Hyper-parameters tuning using pySpark. Spark sick it-learn when the dataset is not too large.
  2. Hyper-parameters tuning using pySpark Mllib library tools when we have large volume of data-set.

 We are able to find out the best classification technique that gives best scores or high accuracy. Following will be the model as a whole.

CA Technologies Can Provide Resources

 Cloud Architects
 DevOPS Admin
 Hadoop Architects
 PYTHON And R Developers

CA Technologies Can Provide Services

DM and ER modeling As a Service
Co-colated OLTP and OLAP data warehouse design and solution implementation
Dimentional Modeling for ETL engine
Hadoop based Data Lake Design

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