IoT is enabling billions of Internet-connected devices, ranging from building sensors to simple pedometers. While the traditional Internet is based on an open architecture that invites broad developer participation, IoT extends the reach to include any electronic device. This openness creates an environment that fosters a rich ecosystem and reduced costs through economies of scale.

CA Technologies provides multiple solutions for industry automation by using various sensors, devices, network and components. Data-driven from these components is being used to achieve automation. CA Technologies is using its SPARK based in-time data analytics platform to generate value from this data. The data-driven decision can then be fed to automate/improve, business processes.

Industrial Automation

Quick turnaround to market demand, environmental and social factors require great insight into operation and business processes. To be competitive, manufacturers challenges are:

  • Scalability and elasticity to their production environment
  • Have to handle, process and analyze data in real-time
  • Need to reduce maintenance while increasing the output
  • Have to comply with industrial regulations

CA Technologies can help the manufacturers to achieve above all by enabling the environment to connect and integrate production machines and processes with an existing system and then can provide a real-time insight into the data produced by these machines and processes.
CA Technologies makes it easy to connect highly complex, legacy industrial automation equipment from different suppliers to enterprise systems which can remove the silos within the facility and can help to improve the business outcome.

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For Smart Buildings

Bringing the power of IoT to building automation,CA Technologies is able to dramatically reduce BAS cost for its clients. Solutions can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of different types of commercial buildings given CA Technologies partnerships with a wide variety of sensor manufacturers. CA Technologies provides complete end-to-end Building management solution which can give our customers real ROI.
Following benefits can be realized through CA Technologies building management solution:

  1. Predictive maintenance
  2. Energy saving through automated sensors
  3. Water saving
  4. Effective supply chain management
  5. Data-driven forecasting
  6. Resource and labour management

For Smart Homes

IoT-driven, CA Technologies Smart Home system is based on Yoga which is an intelligent smart home platform that connects to nearly anything: wired and wireless security detectors, cameras, thermostats, smart plugs, lights, entertainment systems, locks, and appliances.
CA Technologies Smart Home lets end users manage these items from anywhere, with any device possessing an Internet connection. Yoga is a revolutionary operating system for the home, thus redefining the term “homepage”. It is a perfect smart home solution for the consumer, which includes major features like:

  • Cloud-based applications and services
  • Scalable architecture
  • Full end-to-end data security
  • Accessible from any device – mobile, tablet, computer
  • End users have simple control over lights, room temperature, and much more from their mobile phone, computer, or television – from wherever they happen to be.

Data generated from the devices and sensors is then analyzed by CA Technologies analytical platform to automate key functions like:

  1. Predictive home maintenance
  2. Energy savings
  3. Security management
  4. Household well-being

Predictive Maintenance:
As when the different assets of a company up and running properly, will decrease the operational cost and save company expenditures. CA Technologies provides the solution to companies by getting data from different sensors and cameras; performs some data analytics on data by building a machine learning model and determines either a piece of equipment is running properly or will fail before the time of failure and alert the system to take an action. It uses the data to predict the current condition and maintenance timeline before the problem occurs. So it is cost-effective as the tasks and actions are performed when they are actually needed. Company managers are able to know which equipment requires maintenance earlier and can better perform maintenance work. It also increases the lifetime of the equipment, fewer accidents occur due to failure, and increase the safety of the plant.

CA Technologies Can Provide Resources

 Cloud Architects
 DevOPS Admin
 Hadoop Architects
 PYTHON And R Developers

CA Technologies Can Provide Services

DM and ER modeling As a Service
Co-colated OLTP and OLAP data warehouse design and solution implementation
Dimentional Modeling for ETL engine
Hadoop based Data Lake Design

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