As the leading privacy , CA Technologies has become one of the most experienced and innovative companies fully dedicated to Data Privacy Management. Our Privacy CA Technologies Group is comprised of data privacy experts with significant in-house corporate experience leading global privacy programs for enterprises across a wide range of industries,

Our team has a unique hybrid background of legal, technology, business process, project management, and data privacy expertise to help you fully operationalize data privacy in your organization, at each stage of privacy maturity.

CA Technologies combines first hand experience with  market-leading privacy technology to help organizations like yours understand your data flows, assess your privacy risk, remediate gaps, build accountability mechanisms, and strengthen privacy programs across the enterprise.


CA Technologies spans the globe with experienced consultants located across the  world delivering privacy consulting services to meet client-specific needs in the following key areas
Privacy discovery workshop
Help facilitate discussions and build privacy awareness at your company with a half to full-day workshop delivered by our privacy consultants on-site at your location. Topics include GDPR Readiness, Executive Briefings on the State of Privacy, Building a Privacy Governance Program, and others.

Strategic priorities and assessments
Develop a roadmap for immediate next steps and long-range privacy planning. CA Technologies will assess your core business processes, platforms and systems against current privacy best practices, emerging trends and applicable regulations to assist your privacy leadership team in establishing five to seven (5-7) strategic priorities and a roadmap for implementation. 

Data inventory and mapping
Provide a clearer picture of privacy risk exposure in the organization with a data flow analysis and a findings report classifying the customer and employee personal data by type, purposes for collection, uses, associated risk levels, risk factors, and areas of particular privacy-oriented legal or regulatory concern

Privacy risk assessment
Understand privacy risks around specific business units, product launches, global expansions, mergers and acquisitions, or an identified topic or business need. Our team has extensive privacy risk assessment experience with International Data Transfers

CA Technologies Can Provide Resources

 Cloud Architects
 DevOPS Admin
 Hadoop Architects
 PYTHON And R Developers

CA Technologies Can Provide Services

DM and ER modeling As a Service
Co-colated OLTP and OLAP data warehouse design and solution implementation
Dimentional Modeling for ETL engine
Hadoop based Data Lake Design

CA Technologies Expertise

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