Consulting for Mobile Application

Mobile app strategy services are based on the vast amount of research methods and the experience of our experts. Developing a mobile strategy helps to define the implementation roadmap and set up milestones both for the customer and for the professional team of The App Solutions.

Mobile app strategy is a crucial point on the way to the successful mobile app for all types of businesses in the USA. No matter whether we are talking about a large enterprise, small business or startups the heart of everything is developing a mobile strategy.

Mobile strategy consulting includes:

Market analysis

The market analysis is necessary for a business to find and take place among other enterprises and startups. We also provide our mobile app strategy with constant trend watching to ensure the long-term planning for clients.

Competitor study

Studying the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and the ability to assume the vector of their further extension allows us developing a mobile strategy so that the product could be relevant and visible in a competitive market.

User Personas analysis

The exact portrait of the application`s ultimate user, his habits, and lifestyle, allows adjusting the mobile app strategy in such a way that the application got into their field of vision and provoked a desire to get it into their devices.

Tools assessment

To ensure the most effective results, we select a custom set of required technologies and methodologies, depending on each specific project objectives.

Engagement & strategy

Mobile strategy consulting also includes a step by step action plan of acquisition and retaining of users. We use a large number of instruments to involve customers into communication with the mobile app and to build a personal connection with each of them.

Mobile Application Development


We take into account iOS app optimization and lead it through stages of testing and implementation adding features requested by clients through feedback mechanism. Alchemy20 strive to achieve perfection in every mobile phone application development project taken onboard and that’s the reason every iOS mobile phone app that we’ve developed is a masterpiece.


Android is hands-down the platform with the widest users. From the get-go, it’s our utmost responsibility to make crisp and clear Android App for your brand that not only enhances your brand image but exceed your expectations in every way. We are totally aware of what it takes in the best mobile phone app development service to create apps that provides splendid user experience.

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