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Mother and Child Care Through Machine Learning

The well-being of mother and infant actually determines the next generation’s health and can also predict the future challenges related to their health and for a healthcare system. As at the time of pregnancy, identifying the existing health risks and nutrition deficiency in women and fulfill those deficiencies will prevent the related future health problems in women. The right monitoring framework can also help in maintaining the health of children.

CA Technologies provides research solution using eHealthcare data and machine learning which can help to reduce the risk of maternal mortality, pregnancy-related complications, and infant mortality by caring during preconception and inter-conception (before and between the pregnancies). We take the data from various different sources and build a machine learning models to predict the nutritional deficiencies (if any) in mothers as well as in children by taking into consideration of various socioeconomic factors, availability of nutrition’s, historic health record and historic geographical healthcare data elements.

Our model will predict the current stat, future needs, and future roadmap to maintain a healthy child. It recommends the proper nutrition guidance and wellness awareness to the families.

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CA Technologies Can Provide Resources

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